I’m thinking of two couples who got married yesterday, one in the Columbia LDS temple and the other in a lovely outdoor setting, the beach of the Lake House at Lake Carolina in Blythewood. Both settings were beautiful, yet different. Both ceremonies were special, yet unique.

The temple is a scene of exquisite beauty and sacredness, and I can get emotional in a heartbeat as I visualize Nate and Brittany kneeling at the altar and facing each other as they were sealed together for time and all eternity. The last temple wedding I attended was my son’s, and I’ll always remember the way I felt when he walked into the room and gave me a little smile as he took his place beside me…for only a moment. Then before I knew it, he was Amanda’s husband.

The lakeside setting was also breathtakingly gorgeous. As I mentioned to several people, even if a wedding hadn’t taken place, it was still a lovely place to sit and meditate and “be still and know.” The fact that a marriage ceremony occurred on the beach just added more to the awesome feel and look of the setting. With the sun on our skin, a gentle breeze wafting through the tall pines, the sand beneath our feet, the placid lake in front of us, and the blue, blue Carolina sky, I’d have to say it too was a holy place. Seeing Chris and Angie vow to love and be faithful to each other for the rest of their lives only added to the special spirit of the place.

Both weddings had receptions where there was good food and fellowship.  And music and dancing too. Since I wasn’t at Nate and Brittany’s reception, I can’t describe it, but I can certainly attest to the spectacular music at the lakeside reception. From mellow to traditional and beach to soul, it was awesome. And the dancing? It was phenomenal.  I loved watching people more coordinated and less inhibited than I on the dance floor, especially a little boy named Cole and my husband’s five grandchildren. Little Charlie stole the show.

Anyone who knows me won’t be surprised to hear that I enjoyed talking with and listening to the other guests. Everyone has a story, and it was a pleasure to hear such a variety of them. It was also nice to chat with so many like-minded individuals, and this afternoon I’m remembering a vow that two of us made to….well, that’s our pledge to each other, and I’ll let you know more about it when I make some progress on this endeavor.

The food was yummy, the music was spectacular, the weather was perfect, the background was gorgeous, and everyone was in a good mood! What more can you ask for? All that comes to mind is a wish that both young couples have a long life of happiness together. One of the wedding guests mentioned a study she had read about couples who divorce. According to the article, 50 percent of the couples who divorced probably would have “made it” if they’d just somehow gotten through the rough patch…or two or three.

As I recall the looks of love and downright adoration that passed between Chris and Angie, it’s hard to imagine that they’ll have rough patches. But they will. So will Nate and Brittany. I fervently hope that they’ll ride them out together, partners united in purpose and love.