This is not one of those posts that raises a social issue, nothing deep or ponderous. Nope. It’s just a post about family and how dear they are. It’s important to take the time to get together whenever an opportunity presents itself.

This past Saturday my sister and I made a mad dash to the beach for a reunion of sorts with our brothers and their wives. I say “of sorts” because it wasn’t long or structured.. The younger of my two brothers, David, and his wife Becky had made the trek from Virginia Beach to check out some property, and when we learned of their impending visit to SC, we couldn’t let the opportunity to see them slip by.

Once on the Grand Strand, we did a little shopping and bookstore browsing before having lunch at Nacho Hippo, a perfect place to meet for lunch. FYI, the noise level at night might be a bit too much for the older set. I like it so much that I bought a blue tie-dyed t-shirt that says Hip Happens on the back. They come in all colors.

After lunch, the gals did a bit more shopping at Market Commons, and while we were in Anthropologie, my sister Ann and I began to get a little anxious about the time. With a couple more stops to make and a two and 1/2 hour trip ahead of us, we knew we had to hustle. We headed out walking the mile or so from the Commons to our little beach bungalow in Seagate, and although it was a tad warm, we enjoyed our little jaunt. The gentle breeze, the warm sun, the children playing, and the waddling ducks all added to our pleasure.

Quick note about one of the ducks that we slowed down to watch. It was black and quite noisy as it waffled between going to the water and scooting back to the safety of the embankment. Go to the water for a snack or stay on safe ground? Take a chance or play it safe? Although the squawking duck was much more vocal than many humans, its quandary was the same. Fear holds far too many of us back from taking a chance, even when we know the water (or whatever it may be) holds some great stuff in store.

Becky and Lisa caught up with us just as we completed our walk, and the four of us peeked in the windows of a perfect condo for David and Becky. Sure hope they go through with it! I can already envision the younger generation chilling on the patio while the children frolic in the spacious backyard.

It was a great day, and I’m glad we took the time to reunite for a little while. Being together always reckminds me of some of the things I especially loved about our parents. Mike and David have our mother’s sense of humor, and Ann has our father’s logical mind. Our brothers walk like our dad, and Ann has his curly hair. On the way home, Ann and I talked about how we all got a great start in life, right beaneath  our mother’s heart.