Great picture, huh? I chose it because it makes me look better than I actually do and because it was snapped when I was surrounded my some of my favorite people, my grandchildren. Or as Connie would say, my granddarlings. Their parents wanted to attend the temple Saturday morning, but alas, they had no  babysitter. Would I oblige? You bet I would.

After a brunch of chicken, French fries, and ice cream at Chick Fila, we arrived at the temple.  Even the parking lot is special, and I think the children sensed it too. Their parents gave them some last minute instructions, and armed with provisions like granola bars, crayons, and diapers, we walked into the waiting room area.

Carrie and Rich were gone a little over an hour, and honestly, all of the children were angelic.  About the time they became a bit restless, a temple worker arrived to announce that shortly she’d be giving a presentation to some Primary children visiting from Charlotte. This was great news! I knew Braden and Brooke would love this…and they did. They both sat quietly and focused their full attention on the soft-spoken woman giving the lesson.  Afterwards, a leader from Charlotte announced that they were then going on a tour of the temple grounds. Ah, even better. Now we’d get to go outside. I asked Braden and Brooke if they wanted to go along, and Brooke’s only question was, “Are those other kids going?” When I said yes, she was lined up and ready to go.

 I followed along with Emma and Colton. Before long, Emma left my side and participated with the older children. Baby Colton became a little cranky about this time, but I had plenty of help from a little strawberry blond girl named Rachel.  The beautiful flowers, a gentle breeze, the happy children, the birdsong, and the reverential tones of the people teaching the children all combined to make the experience a special one, a holy one.

The above picture was snapped after the morning’s temple experiences and pre-bookstore one. Is there any better way to spend time than with much loved people in a holy place?