What a great day I’ve had so far. I’m on Spring break (yay!) and have had time to putter, think, remember, read, write, and think so far.  Something I keep thinking about is King David’s decision not to go to war with his men on the occasion that he became acquainted (?) with the desirable Bathsheba. My daughter Elizabeth and I were chatting a little about it over the weekend. Or rather, I was talking about it, and she was politely pretending to listen.

Anyway, back to the story. From that one seemingly small decision to “wait this one out” came a lot of aftereffects. He saw Bathsheba, slept with her, and later sent her husband Uriah to the battle front to be killed. Already we have adultery and murder that came from the choice to stay home. Then a baby is born who dies. Later, David and Bathsheba have Solomon who is known as a wise leader. Did the birth of Solomon absolve David of his sin and clear his conscience? Who knows? I sure don’t. In fact, it seems to me from reading Psalms that he was what I’d call “torn up” about something.

I’m not saying that David’s life was circumspect before this time or  that he would never have met Bathsheba if he’d gone to battle with his men. I’m just saying that it was a small decision that had big and long lasting consequences.  Relating it to today and our lives, sometimes our whole future and the future of our families can hang on a seemingly small decision. To make matters even more intriguing, sometimes we make these decisions without even being consciously aware of deciding anything!

Think about it. Have you ever decided to move to another area as opposed to staying in your hometown? Have you decided to drop out of school a semester and never made it back? Have you accepted a job somewhere and had it turn into a career? Gone to a party and met the love of your life? Stayed home and didn’t cross this person’s path?