Hmmm. I didn’t know the pictures were going to be so small on the preceding post, so I’m going to post another one of the young people by themselves.  I can well remember being 20, and it’s truly mind boggling to think about the changes that have come about since then…and I’m not referring to the physical ones but rather to the social/emotional ones. When I was Sarah Beth’s age, I had both parents, three grandparents, three siblings, cool friends, and a boyfriend. Today, my parents and grandparents have gone on to a more heavenly habitation, and my cool friends and boyfriend of that era are busily living their lives elsewhere.  But get this: Most of the people I now love dearly were not in my life then. In fact, most of them were not even in existence, at least not on this earthly plane.  To sum it up, nearly everyone I loved then is gone, and almost everyone I love now wasn’t even thought of yet, including these three college students. Makes me wonder who else is out there…not only for yours truly but also for these three 20-somethings who are just beginning adulthood.