Politics is a tough business, even more so if you’re a woman.  When I first heard that John McCain had chosen Sarah Palin as his VP choice instead of Mitt Romney (MY first choice), I was a bit disappointed. But then I saw a photograph of this woman and was curious enough to read a little about her life and her accomplishments.  Within minutes, I knew why McCain had chosen this extraordinary person to be his running mate.

Alas, the political pundits pounced on her with their cheap potshots and cruel innuendos within moments.  I like the lady. She’s smart, gutsy, charismatic, and capable; she loves her husband, her children, the great state of Alaska, and the United States of America. She’s proven herself to be a competent, popular leader who is not afraid of taking a stand.  What’s not to like?

·         She’s nice-looking, downright striking. If she’d been unattractive, folks would have made stinging remarks about that too.

·         She’s a mother, and from what I’ve observed, a darned good one. Some people have issues with the mother of five holding such a high political office and wonder if she shouldn’t be at home baking cookies or changing the baby’s diapers? Would they say same thing if her husband had a VP opportunity?

·         Some people say she shouldn’t have brought the infant with Down syndrome to a crowded convention hall. If she hadn’t, her critics would have either accused her of being ashamed of him or of neglecting him.

·         Some people feel that if she can’t provide enough leadership in her own home (referring to the expectant daughter), then she surely can’t provide leadership on a larger scale. HUH? Have YOU ever tried to control teenagers? Cutting remarks like that make me think of Christ who when confronted with t he adulterous woman (but not the man), drew a line in the sand and asked for whoever was without sin to cast the first stone. 

·         Some people feel that perhaps she’s a little too confident, self-assured, and perhaps strident.  If she were meek and mild, content to stay in the shadows, her critics would have a heyday with her timidity.

From my observations, Sarah Palin is an excellent choice. It’s a little thing, but sometimes little things (gestures, glances, posture, facial expression, and so forth) can reveal volumes about a person…and in the case, a family. When Palin’s youngest daughter (who must the 3rd cutest little girl in the world after my two granddaughters) spit on her hand and then lovingly slicked down the hair of her little brother who was sleeping nestled in her arms, I KNEW that there was plenty of love in that family and that Sarah Palin and her husband were great parents and great people.