No original thoughts from me in this post but rather a nudge to be brave and do one thing each day that scares you, an idea from the Dare Project. You’ll find the link in the sidebar of the blog. The person who started the project did so because she spied Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote on a greeting card one day, and the idea wouldn’t leave her alone. Why not click on the  project and read the “rules” for yourself and get started?


Some of you might be tired of hearing my stories, and if that’s the case, stop now. However, this is a GREAT story about an awakening…not of mine but of someone I read about in a story, a true one. The young woman involved in this real life story was allergic to peanuts in any form or fashion and avoided them completely. One night, however, she was in a restauant dining with friends when she unknowingly ate some peanut oil in some salad dressing. Later that evening, she was awakened with violent spasms of pain and was barely able to drag herself to the door and outside to the landing of her apartment complex. A neighbor heard her pleas for help and arranged for her to be taken to a hospital. Good thing too because she (the one with the allergy) was literally “out of it” for days. In her opinion, she died. If I recall correctly, the experience wasn’t all that bad either.


Anyway, she woke up feeling weak and depleted, but as the days passed, her spirit became stronger and stronger until she realized that she had more confidence and self-esteem than ever before. She found herself flirting with men when before her incident, she would shyly look away if she felt anyone was looking at her. At meetings, she began to speak up, even interrupting at times) and voice her opinion. Prior to eating the peanutty dressing, she never opened her mouth even though she felt she had some good ideas and insights.


This is the part that got me. I’m paraphrasing because it’s been a number of years since I read this article, but the gist of her comment was, “Hey, I’ve already died once and survived. What’s the worse thing that can happen to me after that? I survived death, and I can survive anything life dishes out.”


I remember reading that and thinking that I sure didn’t want to die before I started living this glorious life. What about you? Let’s all click the link of the Dare Project and dare to do something that scares us…and let’s share what we do.