One of the reasons I love these pictures is because they’re both so adorable. The other reason is because it makes me happy to see my 14 month old granddaughter becoming a bibliophile at such a young age. Not content to merely pore over the book’s contents, she also has to carry it around from room to room, perhaps to keep it from the hands of her older siblings or perhaps to find someone to read it to her.

When Carrie, her sweet mama, sent me these pictures, I told her that Emma’s great grandparents AND her great-great grandparents would be proud. They were all such avid readers, and they instilled the love of books in my brothers, sisters, and yours truly. Many are the hours that we spent in the dusty rooms of the old county library choosing books, especially in the sultry summertime. My mother once told me of seeing my Aunt Polly, my father’s sister, feeding her infant twins while reading a book. Hey, why not?

It’s so gratifying to see that Carrie is continuing the reading tradition in her home. Her precious baby has no idea of the vistas that the world of words will open for her.  Speaking of which, where did I put my copy of The #1 Ladies’ Detective Agency?  I must get back to it and find out more about Precious and her life in Botswana.