For my LDS friends, the post on the cold self-righteous prigs WAS NOT directed to any of you but rather to any and all Christians who profess to be followers of Christ and yet whose walk and talk don’t align. And I’m “guilty as charged” just like everyone else. Since he’s the person I’m around most often, DH often gets reminders to let me know whenever I’m a little too judgmental, ungrateful, complaining, sarcastic, greedy, materialistic, selfish, or prideful. He tries his best to keep me on the straight and narrow, but alas, I do a lot of wobbling and stumbling.

Here’s an example that might convey more of what I wanted to say. Yesterday a young woman shared that several people had made some negative, hurtful remarks to and about her when they learned that she was going to have a baby. Did I mention that she’s single? Does that really matter in the way she’s treated? Does it make her less “worthy” as a mother?  Of course not.

This might be an even better example. I once knew a woman who was divorced and raising three sons on her own. She had a minimum wage job and was struggling to make ends meet. Knowing her capabilities, I encouraged her to enroll in some college courses, but it seemed that one door shut after another.  She received financial aid, but there was no one to watch her children while she was in class. If she left them alone, tongues would cluck. Today she might be more successful because of online courses. Oh, but maybe not. She might not be able to afford a computer, and she wouldn’t feel ethical about using one at work. What about on campus? Well, that might work except that there were three children waiting for dinner, homework assistance, and bathtime. The reason I recall this situation so well is because there some who said she brought it on herself and because of her poor choices, she got exactly what she deserved. Did anyone offer to watch the boys even one time? Did anyone bake a casserole to take it to her? No. No one. Not once. To be honest, although I felt compassion, I didn’t help either.

Okay, final example. When I first started blogging, I read a post that I thought was a joke…really I did. The person talked about getting herself and her children all dressed in their Sunday best and going to church. While there, she noticed a person who looked a little Gothic, another that looked homeless, and still another that had disruptive children (not well-behaved like hers). In the parking lot, she noticed old cars, some of them dirty. She said (I’m not making this up) that she sadly wondered what Christ would say if He were to come and see all of those dirty, poorly dressed, ill-behaved people in His house. When I read this post, I was incredulous. I actually wrote her (you know how we bloggers are!) to comment on her attitude, and she acted as though I had a problem.

Am I looking at this wrong? Am I looking at it right but perhaps going a little overboard? I’m sitting here wondering how different the lives of the mother and her three sons would be today if someone had encouraged and helped instead of criticized and condemned.