While I had a great Mother’s Day, I’m becoming increasingly aware that there are thousands of mothers out there who did not. I’m not talking about mothers who abuse, berate, or abandon their offspring. I’m talking about deserving mothers who are up before dawn to get breakfast ready (even if it means getting the cereal out of the pantry), find matching shoes and socks, wash that special pair of jeans, look over homework, listen to woes and worries, attend sporting events despite utter fatigue, sacrifice time and money for her children’s needs, and on and on and on. Really, I know many mothers like this who remain “unsung heroes” even on the one day set aside to honor them.

I know that some children are too young to even know what’s going on, but in this case, dads could step in to shop for Mom.  Truthfully, however, it’s not the little kids that I have an issue with. It’s the older ones, the ones who are old enough to be aware of all their mothers do and to show appreciation…even if It’s just a hug, a sappy card, or one little prepared meal…including buying the ingredients and washing the dishes. The meal doesn’t  have to be spectacular; the only criteria is that it’s something SHE likes. After all, SHE is always buying and preparing things you like; if not, you’re whiny and pouty and complaining.

I also have a beef with the fathers of these kids who not only fall short in helping to make it a special day but who also join in the criticism. “Hey, Hon, these mashed potatoes are a little lumpy.” To add insult to injury, they might say, “Why should I give something to you? You’re not my mother.”  Hmmm. Maybe not, but she’s the woman who carried and delivered YOUR children and who is currently nurturing and raising them while you watch sporting events, play golf, read, spend time with your buds, or go hunting or fishing.

This post isn’t intended to bash all fathers and children, just the ones who abuse, ignore, take advantage of the women in their lives. The next time you take a pair of socks out of the drawer, ask yourself how they got there. When you moan about the fact that your mother or wife doesn’t  experiment with new recipes, take a look in the refrigerator and ask yourself who shopped for the goodies. Oh, and you might want to remind yourself that since she’s often working a full-time job outside of the home, she doesn’t always feel like whipping up culinary delights on her “second shift.” She’ s too busy washing your clothes, Kiddo.