The wedding and reception are behind us, and the groom’s mother (yours truly) is busily back into the routine of daily life. It’s hard to believe that nearly a week has passed since the BIG DAY and that I haven’t posted a word or photo on my blog. The word is “beautiful,” and the photos are too numerous to post. However, I’ve culled through the dozens from the rehearsal, wedding, and reception (seems like everyone had a camera), and here are six of my favorites.

The first is of the newly married couple as they walked outside of the temple as man and wife. I have tons (or so it seems) of posed, smiling shots, but I especially like this one since it captures them in a more natural moment. Although you can’t see it, they’re holding hands, and I hope they continue doing that throughout their lives.

The second is Brooke and Braden, two of my precious grandchildren. If you’re puzzled at why it’s a favorite, take a closer look at his dimples and her fetching smile as they sit patiently waiting for the next happening of the day. And do I really need to explain why the picture of Baby Emma sitting contentedly in the bed of yellow pansies is so special?

The fourth is a favorite because of the sweet grandmothers who make me think of bookends holding the family together and up. Decked out in their pretty aqua attire, they’re at the far ends of each family represented, and yet if not for them, no one else would even be in the picture…nor would there have been a wedding that morning, at least not of Paul and Amanda. Families are important, and these grandmothers are grand.

The fifth photograph in this particular series is of the newlyweds as they left the reception surrounded by bubble-blowing friends and family, a crowd of well wishers who sent the lovebirds off with hugs and fond farewells. I hope they’ll always be surrounded with such love and support. The last shot was taken the next morning shortly before they flew off to Cozumel for a honeymoon, the first of many trips and adventures they will share.