While doing a little “homecaring” this morning, I came across some old newspapers and just had to scan a few articles before tossing them. Yes, I’m still old fashioned enough to enjoy reading from the actual newspaper; there’s just something special about being able to open it, separate the sections, fold certain pages down, and take it specific articles around with me to reread…like the one I found this morning.

In The State of March 6, a headline about eyebrow transplants caught my eye, so I read on. Hmmm. Intrigued, I read all of it, every word, and now I’m feeling a lot less guilty about having my brows waxed earlier this week. Apparently, many women (and some men) who are “follically challenged” are opting to have hair(s) removed from their scalps, legs, or trunks and transplanted into their brow line.  The transplants can be a little tricky since hair growth varies on different parts of the body. Head hair grows at a rapid ½ inch per month, much faster than brow hair. Accordingly, a person would have to trim her brows often…or have someone do it for her. Plus, there are apparently problems with transplanted hairs growing in wild directions, something that can be remedied with plucking.

A typical transplant requires between 50 and 300 transplanted hairs and can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000.  For those who find that a bit pricey, they might consider tattoos or an eyebrow pencil.  “Eyebrows are the most important part of the face,” according to Crystal Thomas, a brow specialist. Without them, we’re expressionless.

Bottom line: I’m feeling a lot less guilty about spending $8 to have mine waxed. After all, who wants to appear expressionless?