I just had a bit of a revelation. Wanting to get my look just right for my son’s wedding this weekend, I went to a new and highly rated stylist for a touch-up and trim. This was such an upscale and pleasant salon that there were even goodies (brownies and homemade peanut butter bars) for the patrons. Oh, and there were soft drinks and coffee for thirsty palates. Did I mention the music? Satellite radio provided tunes from various artists, and I loved hearing the voices of Macy Gray, Etta James, and Josh Groban wafting through the area as I caught up on the latest goings-on in Vanity Fair.  

Do you get the picture? I was just loving this environment. I walked into the modern and well-decorated restroom/changing area and saw a cute picture hanging on the wall. It was of a woman of indeterminate age holding several shopping bags, and all around her were words like chocolate, shopping, designer bags, and so forth. Then I got a little closer and read the phrase beneath the picture: “Lead me not into temptation; I already know the way.”

I felt as though I’d been slapped (in a way) as the truth of the statement hit home. True, we all need to look and feel our very best, but I am often caught up in the ways of the world. I LOVE chocolate…and shopping too. In fact, I was planning a brief foray into TJ Maxx on the way out of town. And was it really necessary to have my eyebrows waxed today when there are hungry children around?  

While I don’t consider myself an overly materialistic or vain person, Sunday’s lesson (see post about turning left) sure came to mind as I thought of the many distractions that keep me from being more in tune with the Spirit. What about some of you other gals?