Nice photo, huh? It was taken Monday right after DH and I had crossed the Mile High Suspension Bridge on Grandfather Mountain, the highest peak in the Smokies. Several other folks shared that moment in time with us, and we all had a grand time taking turns shooting pictures of each other. The experience reminded me of a quote I once saw on a dining room hall at Girls’ Camp: “We may never walk this way together again.” And ’tis probably true, for I doubt that I’ll ever encounter those couples from Mississippi, Alabama, or Boone, NC again. But wow…what a great day and weekend.

 Sunday morning we eased out of town around daybreak and headed for the mountains of western North Carolina. We shied away from the interstate and opted instead for the scenic route, a decision that allowed us to see parts of the countryside that reminded us that there is indeed a slower, more bucolic and peaceful lifestyle than the busy, almost frantic hustling and bustling that characterize so many of our days…and perhaps yours too.

This weekend was especially memorable for a couple of reasons, and the mountain getaway was the frosting on the cake. First, I had the opportunity to go the temple on Saturday with my future daughter-in-law, her family, and my son. Being in that holy place reminded me of all of the beauties of this earth and of our Creator’s hand in the hills, valleys, streams, rocks, rills, deer, blue skies, hawks, daffodils, and mountain laurel (for starters).  As DH and I wound around and around the mountain roads and paths, I found myself thinking repeatedly of my temple impressions.  I said, “Wow, look at that,”  so many times that I began to sound like a broken record.

The second reason that the weekend was so memorable is because it marked the end of my tenure with the state of SC (for one day, Monday) and my rehiring by the same state agency on Tuesday. As a TERI employee fortunate enough to be rehired in my same position, a day of separation was necessary. Where better to spend it than on top of the world with DH by my side?