In the previous post, I mentioned that although Friday was my last day of work for the state of SC after 33 years (how time flies), Tuesday is my first day back at work doing the exact same job. What’s especially neat about this situation is that I’m required to have a “day of separation.” What that means is that no matter how much I desire to work on Monday, I must not under any circumstances give in to that tempation. Ha Ha. I think I can master it.

So here’s what DH and I decided to do. We’re traveling to Grandfather Mountain early in the morning and will do the “tourist thing” in the Boone, GM, and Blowing Rock areas. I think there’s even a zoo there…and lots of hiking trails too. However, my major purpose is to walk across a mile high suspension bridge at Grandfather Mountain, an act that I perceive as being symbolic of crossing over from one part of my life to another…or of ending one chapter and beginning another.  Whatever. I’m doing it. To stay home and sleep late and perhaps clean up my house seems so unappealing. Life’s too short to be little, right?