Another insight from the 14th chapter of Matthew. I’ll make this post short, a postscript to the previous one. After feeding the huge crowd of 5000-plus people, the leftovers were gathered and put into twelve baskets. In Chapter 15, after feeding another large crowd, they collected enough leftover fragments to fill seven baskets. I don’t know what the disciples did with these leftovers, but I think it’s significant that the gathering of these fragments/scraps was mentioned in both situations. Could Christ be teaching us about provident living?

I think the reason I noticed it tonight is because before dinner I threw away half a loaf of bread…and it wasn’t even moldy. Hard and stale, yes…and yet I’m sure there was a way I could’ve used stale breadcrumbs. Now that I’m thinking about it, I know I could be a lot less wasteful. Couldn’t we all?