Okay, I’ll admit that I’m a Romney fan. I also like Hillary and Obama, and I DO NOT like Huckabee. There’s just something about his affable nature combined with his dark staring eyes that scares me. I’d call him a wolf in sheep’s clothing except that that wouldn’t be very Christian of me. Oh heck, I’ll do it anything, especially after what I heard this morning.

What I heard was part of his speech last night that took a swipe at Romney and his millions and gave praise to Huckabee with his shoe string budget. The remark had something to do with the importance of the widow’s mite, and two hours later I’m still wondering exactly what he meant. I know he was referring to his funds compared to Romney’s, but I still don’t get the clear connection. Call me dense, but I thought the widow’s mite was deemed important because she took all that she had and gave it to the temple.  To the temple…to God.

Is that what Huckabee’s saying? That he’s giving all that he has to God? I’ve seldom heard him mention God at all. So maybe he’s saying that despite the fact that his coffers aren’t as full as Romney’s, his “widow’s mite” went further and counted for more? But wait, I’m confused again. Are we talking about contributions to God or to a campaign?

I’ve read that Huckabee dropped out of seminary after a year, so maybe he has the widow’s mite story confused with something else…or he’s missed the meaning entirely. Or I’ve missed the meaning of the story. Or I’ve misunderstood Huckabee’s reference entirely. It just seems to be that an ordained Baptist minister would choose a better scripture to describe his contribution to the campaign. 

I firmly believe in speaking kind words to and about others, and yet there comes a time when a person must speak up against wrong doing…and wrong saying. What was it that Edmund Burke said? Something about all that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men (or women) to say nothing.