Just a few quick ramblings about children in America. Yesterday I heard that McCain vowed to protect the rights of the unborn. While I applaud him for this, I want to hear him and all of the other candidates state that they will protect the rights of babies and children, born and unborn, rich and poor. So many of the pro-life lawmakers do all they can to stem the tide of abortion but then do little to improve the lives of these precious little ones once they are born…often into the homes of abject poverty or to parents who simply cannot feed or clothe them adequately. And let’s don’t forget the single mothers whose ranks are swelling by the hour. Who is helping with these children?

It’s a complicated issue, for sure. And yet I KNOW that children raised in poverty have a tough go of it (understatement).  The United States has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the industrialized world, and often socio-economic factors are at play.  Food, clothing, shelter, health care, medicine, and education are some of the areas affected by SES, and often our legislators know little about how so many of America’s poor children actually have to live. One in six lives at or below the poverty line. Without nutrition, bodies and brains can’t develop normally. Without health care, health issues are exacerbated. Inadequate housing and overcrowding contribute to childhood accidents.

There are no easy answers. I’m just saying that we all need to vow to protect the rights of the already born as well as those of the unborn. And we need to encourage our leaders to do the same thing.