It’s a cold rainy day in SC, and the polls are open. If you care at all about the future of this great country, grab your umbrella and head out to cast your vote. That way, at least you’ll know you had a say, and that kind of gives you the right to whine and complain later if things (policies, high taxes, immigration laws, etc.) aren’t to your liking.

And yes, I’ve already been. Elizabeth and I are heading out for Rincon, GA in a few minutes to celebrate Brooke’s third birthday, and I’m proudly wearing my little “I Voted” sticker to remind everyone we see in the Cracker Barrel, the rest areas, and the BP stations to get out and make a difference.

Despite our many problems, this is still the best country on Earth. Do you part to make sure it stays that way…starting today in the SC Primary.