Have you ever thought about how powerful words are? Short ones, long ones, complex ones, simple ones, slang ones, “foreign” ones, and technical ones can all affect us in some way. They can inspire us, soothe us, and even make us angry. I don’t want to get carried away with this tonight, but I did want to add a postscript to a prior post about my word believe and Connie’s word courage. Since that time, several friends have come up with a “word of the year,” and I think that’s exciting. Now if we can only carry out our good intentions….

 Anyway, I want to share a quick insight about my word believe. Connie gave me seven blocks, one for each letter in the word B-e-l-i-e-v-e, and I wanted to put them in a place where I spend a lot of time. My thinking was that glimpsing at the word from time to time would help me keep my resolve to truly BELIEVE.  So I took it to work. As I was placing the letters on top of the desk, I began experimenting a little and ended up with two reminders: Be and Live.  I liked both of those verbal prompts so much that I put the extra “e” away for now.

I want to BE and not just DO, LIVE and not just exist. How about you?