My friend Connie persuaded me to to choose a word for last year that would guide my thinking and behavior, and although I was reluctant to do so at first (there are so many words!), I finally settled on YES. Isn’t that a great word? Earlier this week she reminded me that it was time to choose a new word and told me that her word for 2008 is COURAGE. “What’s yours?” she asked…and then asked again. After reading the query for the third time, I’ve settled on one.

It’s BELIEVE. I had been toying with courage, but I didn’t want to steal Connie’s word. Faith seemed good, and so did peace, love, and persistence. Then a couple of seemingly insignificant things happened that helped me zero in on believe. I gave a friend the choice of which scented coaster he wanted as a belated Christmas gift, and he said something like, “Oh, definitely the one that has “Believe” on it. As I handed it over, the word struck me with its power. Then this morning, I took the wrapping off of my new gratitude journal, and inside of it were written the words “imagine, believe, create, and inspire,” and that did it. Believe became my word right then.

Why is it so important? Because we must believe that we can make things happen. We must have confidence and courage to make our dreams become reality, and believing in ourselves is essential. We must also believe that we have a loving Heavenly Father who cares about us and wants us to succeed. We must believe that He is always a whisper away and will help us in all worthy endeavors.

I hope Connie likes my word and that I can use it as a mantra of sorts this year. What about you? What’s a word you can adopt to help you live a more effective life this year?