Ah, 2008. The first of 365 days that offer opportunities to grow, to love, to experience, to savor, to say YES to life. No, this short post isn’t going to be a list of my resolutions but rather a reminder to “While alive, live.” I can’t remember who said that, but I’m sure it was somebody famous. If you know who, please tell me.

Okay, just a few things I’d like to do more of (not exactly resolutions): read, write, travel, do good deeds and speak kind words, spend time with family and friends (yes, I know everyone says that, but I’m fervently sincere about it). I’d like to decide what to do about retirement (yes or no, and if yes, then what next?), participate in a minimum of two half-marathons, stop procrastinating and put up a webpage, go to New York City with DH, dance at my son’s wedding, learn to make jewelry, and the list goes on. I just want to be a better person and use whatever gifts God gave me to do so…and to help others in their journeys as well.

 That said, I want to share a quote from a delightful little book entitled Who Moved my Cheese? by Spencer Johnson. I read it in about an hour a few years ago as my daughter Elizabeth and I were cruising along I-95 from GA to SC, and it made such a powerful impact that I gave copies to my children AND have found a way to incorporate its wisdom into my psychology courses.  And speaking of psychology classes, it was a student in one of them who introduced me to the book when he said, almost inaudibly, the words Hem and Haw one day as we were talking about change. When I asked him what he was talking about, he told me about the little critters and how they adapted to change.

Before I share Johnson’s quote, you need to know that cheese is a metaphor for what we want in life; it could be a job, a relationship, a home, money, status, peace of mind…anything. HERE GOES: “It is safer to search in the maze than remain in a cheeseless situtation.”

Isn’t that powerful? Are you in a cheeseless situation? What would it take to get you out into the maze? Is is more courage you need? More confidence? I’d love to read what you’re thinking, and maybe we can all encourage one another to get out of cheeseless situations.