This is one of the many pictures we took during the few days that my children were here for Christmas, and I think it’s the only one in which we were all present and accounted for…except for Rich, that is. My sweet son-in-law agreed to take this shot, and then he changed places with my husband who took one with Rich in it. 

We had just enjoyed a few hours of family fun with various relatives…playing Christmas trivia, watching a spiritual video, munching on brunch delectables, exchanging gifts, and reminiscing. My brother-in-law Allen treated us to his one of his specialities, barbeque, something that’s become a traditional food at our holiday get togethers. My nephew Greg brought Anna to our gala event, a young woman to whom he had become engaged only hours before. My brother Mike delighted everyone by bringing his waffle iron and putting it to good use.

Before we started our Chinese white elephant gift exchange, my Aunt Polly and her daughter Katherine stopped by for coffee and conversation. I LOVE listening to Polly because she always tells neat stories and reminds me of my past. Being around her conjured up memories of  dozens of Christmases Past. Ah, those chocolate-coated coconut balls that my grandmother made were so sweet and savory, and I always looked forward to sampling them. She used to make peanut brittle too, and Polly brought canisters of it for my siblings and our families.

 So many people who were in my life at one time are no longer present except in my mind, my memory. At the same time, decades ago when I was nibbling on my grandmother’s chocolate balls and dreaming of Santa’s visits, NONE of the people in the picture above were in my life. Even now I wonder who will be in next year’s picture…perhaps someone I haven’t even met yet.