Last week’s Relief Society social was both a temporal and a spiritual feast. The meal was delicious, and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, we were served luscious brownies with a warm raspberry sauce. Yummy. As we dined, I noticed the beautiful music in the background and later learned that it had been provided by a talented musician in our ward.

After the scrumptious meal, we were spiritually fed by a number of speakers and musical selections, and of all that I heard and saw, the words of one of the speakers really touched my heart. She was talking about Christ and how we must find not only the infant Jesus, but Jesus the man…the fisher of men, the teacher, the leader, the healer and the friend. I was scrambling to find a pen to write down her words, but Laresa made it easy for me and gave me the paper she was reading from.

Here’s the reminder that I needed to hear and that I suspect others might too. “We will find Him with the leper, the adulterer, the crippled, and the sick.” Christ didn’t associate with only the righteous, the socially prominent, or those who were of his background. Without judgment, He associated with and gave willingly to everyone in need. Can we do less and call ourselves Christians?