Several years ago, we had a farewell get-together for some of our friends who were leaving the area, and that night Gail gave all of us a Christmas ornament and a beautiful card. I loved the card so much that I framed it, and every year I take it out and display it in a prominent area in our home so that our guests will be reminded of the “reason for the season.” I also enjoy hanging the Santa ornament because it reminds me of Gail and other dear friends who have touched my life. In fact, sharing this Christmas greeting is a way of Gail touching your life too. Below is the card’s message. Enjoy.

And when we give each
other Christmas gifts in
His name, let us remember
that He has given us the
sun and the moon and the
stars, and the earth with
its forests and mountains
and oceans – and all that lives
and moves upon them.
He has given us all green
things and everything that
blossoms and bears fruit,
and all that we quarrel
about and all that we
have misused – and to save us
from our own
foolishness, from all our
sins, He came down to earth
and gave us Himself.
Sigrid Undset