getattachment.jpgIsn’t this a happy looking couple? And isn’t yes a beautiful word? Truly, it is. It’s a word of affirmation to life, to love, to happiness, to involvement, to zest…to everything good. In fact, I like it so much that when my friend Connie and I decided to come up with one word that we would use to guide our actions this year, yes was my word.  But I’m getting a little away from my purpose in writing this post.

 On my son’s birthday, he called to give me some good and some bad news. “What do you want to hear first, Mom? The bad or the good?” 

 “The bad. Let’ s get it over with and then move on to something good, ” I replied. 

He hesitated a moment and then told me that Amanda was no longer his girlfriend. For half a second my heart stood still, but I sensed that something was up. After all, he didn’t seem too distressed. Here’ s why. The good news was that Amanda is now his fiancee, his future wife and eternal companion. I knew he had the ring and was waiting for just the right moment to pop the question. I also knew that he had talked with her parents earlier that day and that the meeting had gone well. What I didn’t know was when the proposal would take place.

I’d write more, but I don’t want to embarrass the young couple. I’ll just say that I’m happy that Amanda said yes and that I can think of no one more perfect for Paul. She’s like satin, something I wrote about in an August post. She’s kind, gentle, good, pretty, tender, refined, happy, mannerly, sweet, modest, smart, and loving. She’s a young woman with “her head on straight,” who knows who she is and where she’s going.  Amanda’s satin…just like my daughters, and I’m glad my son knows quality when he sees it.