My friend Telene is one of the most spiritual people that I know, and she gave a great talk on Sunday that I’ve been thinking about ever since. She related a “real life” situation to our prayer experiences, and it was SO GOOD that I thought it was worth sharing with my web friends.

One day Telene got a call from her daughter Nicole who was upset and really needed to talk to her mother. At some point during the conversation, Nicole realized that Telene wasn’t responding and said something like, “Mom, I can’t hear you. Are you there??? I really need to talk to you! Are you there?” Although Telene could hear her daughter clearly and distinctly, apparently Nicole’s reception was virtually nonexistent. Realizing that it was fruitless to continue talking to Nicole to reassure her that she was listening, Telene hung up and texted (is that proper English?) her. While I don’t recall the exact words, they were something akin to, “I am here, and I can hear you. Please continue talking to me, and whenever you hang up, I’ll text you back or call you later.”

Telene said that as she was sending that text message to Nicole, she suddenly thought of the parallel between that sitation and ours when we attempt to communicate with God. He is always there, and He hears us perfectly well. However, we can’t always hear Him, and we might frantically wonder, “Are You there? Can You hear me? I really just need to talk to You.” Of course, He’s there and is aware of our pleadings, requests, woes, heartaches, decisions, and worries. Sooner or later, we’ll hear from Him, and while it might not be in the form of a text message, we’ll get our answers nonetheless.