Nice, huh? This is the lovely face of my daughter Elizabeth that greets me everytime I get a call from her. Aren’t cell phones great? Today is Lib’s birthday, and I thought I’d share a little about the special day she was born and the great young woman that she has become. 

 The day of November 13 had been a long and uneventful (as far as babies were concerned) one. Throughout the day my mother had asked several times, “Are you sure you feel okay?” Now that I’m a grandmother myself, I can well understand her concern, especially since the baby was two weeks overdue. During a shopping expedition the week before, I had even fallen off of a curb onto the hard sidewalk, but still no baby. She just wasn’t ready to make her arrival.

Late on the evening of the 13th, my mother and I were watching the evening news when she insisted that I awaken my husband and that we rush to the hospital. Although I wasn’t that uncomfortable YET, I complied with her request, mainly to mollify her. My mother stayed behind to care for our other daughter and later declared that she didn’t close her eyes until she received the call telling her that her daughter and granddaughter were both doing well. I recall that the night was warm and balmy and that I felt a little foolish about going to the hospital when I wasn’t even in labor.

 We arrived about midnight, and shortly thereafter, my sweet baby decided it was time to make her move. At 3:08 a.m., she entered the world with a strong cry, and as soon as I heard it, the doctor pronounced, “It’s a girl.” He noticed that I was crying and said in a somewhat reprimanding tone of voice, “I hope you’re not crying over the sex of your baby!” “No,” I replied. “I’m crying because it’s a baby, and she’s so perfect.” Within moments, her father had cradled her in his arms and brought her up close to my face so that I could get a good look at my little daughter. I touched her tiny cheek and have never forgotten the hot, soft, “aliveness” of her. It was incredible…like a rose petal.

Her father and I had talked about names, but we didn’t finally decide upon one until we saw Lib’s face. We knew then that there was nothing else more appropriate than Elizabeth, a name that (to us) symbolized beauty, strength, and grace. It was a perfect choice, for today she is a poised, beautiful, strong young woman who blesses the lives of all around her. Happy Birthday, EPC!