Isn’t Baby Emma adorable wearing her new hat? Or is that a wig?

I was thinking this morning of how exceptional my children are. Yes, I’m biased. Aren’t all mothers? Still, these three seem extraordinarily special, and each is different from the other. Today my thoughts are with Carrie, my oldest, who continues to amaze me with the talents and skills that she is developing. One of her types of intelligence (read up on Howard Gardner for more information on this) is interpersonal, for she can relate to any and every body.  Since she was a small child, Carrie has had an intuitive sense about people, and her “vibes” have been accurate on more occasions than I can count.

 Today, however, what I want to blog briefly about are her blossoming gifts of creativity. For starters, she has a blog with slideshows, videos, music, recipes, and well-written, entertaining stories about her home and family. Last week she changed the font to orange and put in a background of goblins. She has also learned to sew and has made pajama pants for everyone in the family. I must say that I think Baby Emma’s are the cutest. Her latest endeavors involve knitting, hence the photograph of Emma with her new hat. Or is it a wig? As Carrie says, “You be the judge.” She is a master photographer, a gourmet cook, a savvy shopper, and skilled decorator. Last week she informed me that she’s going to begin crafting decorative items and sell them on the internet on a site called www.etsy.com. Oh, and she’s the family hair stylist as well. Brooke, Braden, and Rich have all experienced her clippers/scissors creations.

 So this morning as I read her recipe for grilled pork chops and looked at Baby Emma’s picture modeling her mom’s most recent creation, I thought “What a phenomenal gal Carrie is!”