This past weekend I had the good fortune to attend a writer’s conference, and I learned SO MUCH. The hour is late, and I have “miles to go before I sleep,” but I want to share a few of the things I learned before calling it a day…or rather, before beginning another homecaring task (ugh) or reading the discussion board entries of my internet students.

Okay, here are half a dozen things I learned:

  1. Writers always help other writers. Everyone has a message to share or a story to tell, and if we can help another person get the word(s) out there, then that’s what we’re obligated to do.
  2. Unfortunately, I also learned that blogging takes you away from your “work” since it is so time consuming. That’s true, but I LOVE it. How else would I have met some of my cyberspace friends?
  3. There are dozens, no hundreds, of sites out there to help fledging writers. I’ve only just begun to explore some of them. My job is interfering with my investigation. Rats! If only I were independently wealthy and didn’t have to work.
  4. To get a publisher’s attention, don’t waste your time sending a query directly to a publisher. Send it to an agent instead, and when you do so, always use the person’s name.
  5. Go to publisher websites to get specific names.
  6. People who are self-published (like me with my second book) are never going to be successful unless they learn a little more about self –promotion. Hence, I’m going to put my book in the sidebar with a link to Amazon. Please check it out!