A few weeks ago I saw a humorous writing about how everyone would be a lot happier and more at peace if they’d all treat their Bibles like they do their cell phones. I chuckled a little and basically forgot about it until last night. Before we went to sleep, we set the alarms on our cell phones as usual, and then we spent a few minutes experimenting with and changing our wake-up tunes. (I chose “chord low”). Then we put them on our nightstands right beside the bed. I have scriptures there too, but I didn’t read them last night.

When we get up, we take our phones to whatever room we’re in. When we go to work, they’re right with us from the car to the office and back again. I don’t have scriptures in the car, but I think I might have a Gideon Bible (at least a New Testament)  here in the office somewhere. Hmmm. Where is it??? After and between classes, I find myself looking at my cool pink Razr phone for messages or missed calls. Sometimes I’ll entertain myself by looking at short videos or pictures that I’ve recorded, but right now I couldn’t tell you where that Gideon Bible is to save my life. There’s a Book of Mormon on my shelf…or at least there used to be. I don’t look at that at work either. I use the cell phone’s calculator on a somewhat frequent basis and refer to the datebook often.

Basically, wherever I go, the cell phone goes. And I’m not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of us who have them in our briefcases, purses, pockets, and cars. They’re on our counter tops, our belts, our night stands. They’re with us while dining, driving, watching t.v., sitting in class (my students always have to be reminded to turn them off), and exercising. I can’t walk around the neighborhood without mine!

Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox. It just strikes me as funny and a little weird that something I hadn’t even heard of ten years ago is now a constant companion. The Bible that I’ve always known about is not. We hang onto cell phones as if they’re lifelines. Are they?