Quick post about something I recently read in a church magazine. It had to do with children and how as parents, we need to use positive reinforcement, encouragement, and support with them. We need to put our feelings into action and “walk the talk” of love, not just mouth the words or worse yet, just assume that they know of our love and therefore say nothing. 

I’m referring to our earthly relationships with our mortal children, of course, but this article pointed out that even Christ got verbal affirmation from His (and our) Father. When Christ was baptized by John the Baptist, Matthew 3:17 tells us that a voice from heaven said, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” I can’t believe I never really perceived that statement in quite this way before, but now I’m thinking that we need to emulate Our Father’s example. We need to tell our children how proud we are of them and encourage them to do their best.

If God saw fit to  praise His Son, shouldn’t we praise our sons and daughters? In fact, shouldn’t we be a little more vocal about our positive feelings for all those we love? Hmm, it’s time to make three phone calls just to remind my children of how “well pleased” I am with their maturity and wise choices (for starters).