Just a quick thought to share. The other night at our New Horizons Book Club meeting at Connie’s house, she and I somehow got on the subject of pearls and their lustrous beauty. The gist of our conversation is basically that we enjoy wearing and looking at pearls of all kinds, shapes, and colors because of what they symbolize to us.

Not mined like diamonds or other valuable gems, a pearl is produced out of “irritation.” Somehow a tiny particle of sand  gets into an oyster, and to protect itself, the oyster secretes a substance similar to mucus. This substance builds up about the sand and hardens into a beautiful pearl.  With us, our irritants (hassles, stressors, lack of resources including time, frustrations, the “peeps” in our lives, etc.) have the ability to make us lovely…something worth remembering the next time someone or something gets on our absolute last nerve!

By the way, we (Connie and I) even like fake pearls because of what they symbolize. Although I’m fortunate enough to have a strand of the “genuine article,” I LOVE a long strand that I got from Target because of its versatility and length. Wearing it reminds me that lots of irritations (many pearls) develop versatility, flexibility, and strength.