My friend Connie gave me this wonderful marble plaque the other night, and I like it so much that I decided to share its message with my fellow and sister bloggers.  After I get through copying the 26 admonitions (might to be too strong of a word?),  the plaque is going right back to its perch on my kitchen window sill so that I can be reminded of how I should be living.

Accept differences.
Be kind.
Count your blessings.
Express thanks.
Give freely.
Harm no one.
Imagine more.
Jettison anger.
Keep confidences.
Love truly.
Master something.
Nurture hope.
Open yhour mind.
Pack lightly.
Quell rumors.
Seek wisdom.
Touch hearts.
Value truth.
Win graciously.
Xeriscape (I had to look this one up and am happy to report that we’ve been practicing this lately).
Yearn for peace.
Zealously support a worthy cause.

Isn’t this a neat list? While the phrases are short and simple, each is fraught with meaning and could easily elaborated upon. Who would like to go first?