Otis just counted. We now have twenty of these beautiful flowers, and they’re so stunning that neighbors have noticed and are remarking on them. My mother-in-law who can grow anything, anywhere has even asked for seeds. Looks like my  gardening skills are slowing improving.

Alas, all is not well in the garden tonight, however. After a heavy rain over the weekend, the biggest and oldest sunflower became so bowed over that we had to look up underneath to see its pretty face. No cause for alarm, we thought. With daylight and sun galore, it would again raise its head towards the street for all passersby to see and admire. No such luck. Three days later, and the flower still has the droops.

This has stimulated some interesting conversations between hubby and me. Does a big head cause one’s downfall? Do some flowers (just like some people) lose their zest for life when storms befall them? To make matters more complicated, some of the outside ray flowers have begun to fall off. Does this mean that the flower has outlived its usefulness? The seeds will soon drop;  is the purpose of the “mama plant” to blossom for awhile and then make way for the up and coming generation?

Sadly, the saga gets worse. Earlier this evening, I touched the once majestic sunflower to peer most closely at it and noticed that it was swarming with tiny black ants. They were everywhere! What plant has a chance once these pesky insects attack? Again, there are parallels between humans and sunflowers for we too are beset with pesky little details of our every day lives.

Am I the only person in cyberspace who sees parallels between garden happenings and people?