Today is my beautiful brainy sister’s birthday, and I can’t let the 24 hours slip away without some sort of tribute. Hmmm. What would our parents say? They’d say she was the “good’ child, the one who never gave them a moment’s trouble or bit of anxiety. She did what she was supposed to do when she was supposed to do it…and still does. When we kid her about her exemplary childhood behavior, she often quips something like, “You and Mike were idiots. You were always getting into trouble, and since I didn’t want to get spankings, I learned what NOT TO DO from watching the two of you.” Smart girl.

My parents would also say that she’s pretty, loving, generous, and smart.  Her siblings and friends would say the same thing, perhaps adding that she’s quite amusing, funny “as all get out” actually; her doting husband would say she’s the prettiest woman he’s ever seen and would probably add some remark about her good-looking legs; her children and husband would call her “a virtuous woman whose price is far above rubies,” and they’d undoubtedly add a few comments about how much giving she is and how many sacrifices she makes on their behalf. I could speculate on what her students, co-workers, neighbors, and all others who’ve had the delight of knowing her might add, but I don’t have all day.

Note the picture. She’s the happy baby on Daddy’s lap.