Although he works hard in the yard, especially in the grass cutting and root removal departments, my husband doesn’t usually take that much interest in the flowers. Sure, he’ll help with planting them and will sometimes say something like, “Yeah, that looks pretty,” but only when asked. He has, however, been known to admire something in his mother’s yard (especially the vincas) and suggest that I plant some in just the same way (a border).

However, just like yours truly, he’s gone cuckoo about the sunflowers. As evidence, tonight he showed me some pictures he’s been taking on his cell phone, and I wanted to share them as an update to an earlier post. Oh, and about that earlier post, I’ve been informed that the slender yellow petals that I was describing aren’t petals at all but are actually individual ray flowers. Plus, get this. I knew the sunflower was the state flower of Kansas, but now I know that it’s also the official flower of Russia…an entire country.

Looks like this extraordinary plant holds a certain charm for others as well. It’s even been used as a treatment for whooping cough!