Last night we had a great meeting of the New Horizons Book Club at Cindy’s house. She chose Wish You Well by David Baldacci, and although I was a little lukewarm about reading it, I ended up enjoying the novel, especially the author’s descriptions of the Appalachian Mountains and their beauty. Sunrises, sunsets, starry nights, streams, flowers, birds, waterfalls, and many other of God’s creations were so well described that I found myself thinking about them even when I wasn’t reading the book. Connie had recently visited Virginia and attested to the awesome grandeur of the terrain.

After Cindy gave us some information about Baldacci and his motives in writing the book, she led us in a discussion about the book itself. After twenty minutes or so, it seems that all of us were talking about our families, especially ancestors who had impressed us. We know a little more about each others’ forefathers (and mothers), some of whom wore red petticoats, worked on the chain gang, found a wife through a “lonely hearts” correspondence, and traveled cross-country with four children ON A BUS. We shared family stories and all agreed to think more about our ancestry and to work more diligently on journal writing.

Thanks to Louisa, Lou, Oz, Eugene, Cotton, and Diamond, eight women are now giving more earnest thought to their legacies: the ones they have received and the ones they’ll be leaving. Have I mentioned that one of my grandmother’s name was Mary John? There’s a story behind that, and maybe by next month’s meeting, I’ll have learned about it.