Martha’s a great storyteller (no wonder she’s the author of Getting Maisie Married), and last week as she described a restaurant scene about her family, she mentioned the term “catbird seat,” a phrase I haven’t thought much about. After hearing her use it in the context of her story, however, now I can’t stop thinking about it.

I’m truly sitting in the catbird seat and am happy that Martha’s linguistic skills reminded me of it. I live in the best state of the best nation on Earth. I have a great job that enables me to associate with people who are interesting and stimulating. A few of them are co-workers; others are students. As a teacher, I actually get paid for doing things that I love: reading and sharing ideas with others. I have a caring, considerate husband; three responsible, conscientious, funny, smart, good-looking children (a little maternal bias); four great step-children; three grandchildren (all adorable): four step grandchildren (also adorable); siblings that make you want to stand tall and their talented, supportive spouses; other assorted relatives who share my DNA; many in-laws; great friends from several walks of life; and currently the continued health, strength, and good sense to savor and appreciate it all.