It’s another hot summer day in South Carolina, and on a sweltering day just like this one, a baby girl made her debut. Janna Caroline arrived at 6:50 on August 2, 1975 and changed my life forever. I’d like to dedicate this day to Carrie and share some special things about her that made her so endearing.

1) She’s a loving wife, one who supports her husband in every aspect of their partnership.

2) She’s a terrific mother, one who has “her finger on the pulse” of what’s going on in her children’s development, behavior, and inclinations. Braden, Brooke, and Emma are blessed to have her for their mother.

3) She’s multi-talented in areas that I can’t even really understand…scrapbooking, for instance. I LOVE seeing the finished product of her efforts but don’t have the patience or creativity to do it myself.

4) She’s quite the little gourmet cook. This week she bought the ingredients for homemade lasagna, and she and her sister Elizabeth prepared the most mouth-watering, delectable dish I’ve ever tasted. I would have opted for the Stouffers brand, but then I’m always looking for shortcuts.

5) She’s perky, outgoing, and friendly.

6) About the friendly aspect, she’s a loyal, steadfast, giving friend. This week she’s reconnected with some friends from her teen years, and when she goes back to GA tomorrow, she’ll get together with her friends there. She and Rich have lived several places in their 7 and ½ year marriage, and she’s quickly made new friends in each location.

7) She’s spiritual and earnestly seeks her Creator’s guidance in her life…right after she’s given thanks for his beneficence.

8) She’s tough and resilient. Trust me when I say that she and Rich have been through some heartbreaking situations in their life together, and Carrie’s indomitable spirit and strong faith have surfaced every time.

9) Did I mention that she’s beautiful too? Petite in stature, her blue-eyes and dark hair are but two of her features that combine to make her lovely. Just this week, Brooke stared at her and said, “Mommy, you’re cute.”

10) She’s a great daughter and has greatly enriched the last 32 years of my life!