I’m stressed to the max. For real. A month or so ago I mentioned that we put our house on the market in November, but did I also mention that we bought another one? Yep, we did. Feeling confidently optimistic, we secured a “bridge loan” that involves paying  only the interest on the loan. Sounds great, right? It is and it isn’t. It’s nice in that we get to live in the new house, but coming up with nearly $900 extra per month is a major hassle…no, that’s not the word. It’s a major stressor, a stressor that has lots of little hassles attached to it. Here it is nearly August, and the house still sits there, empty and quiet, and we’re feeling more than a little uneasy about our finances.

On the way home from work yesterday, I was experiencing what psychologists might call cognitive anxiety as I thought of what our next step might be. We have a problem; what’s the solution? My thoughts were running a little wild, and I decided to turn the radio on for distraction. Immediately, Paul McCartney’s voice reminded me to “let it be.”  I once read that he wrote that song at a time when the Beatles were going through sort of a rough patch, and he was uncertain about their future. Plus, a couple of them had married, and their lives were different from what they had been…and from what Paul’s was like. He was in an in-between place, feeling stressed and concerned about the future. One night he awakened from a dream in which his mother (whose name was Mary)  visited him and told him to “let it be.”

Mother Mary’s words affected her son profoundly, and all these decades later, they touched me, a woman driving home from work in America. What great advice. I’m trying to follow it, to let things be.  It reminds me of another similar admonition to “Let go and let God.” Perhaps the former Beatle’s song was a reminder from above.