I’m not sure why I’m so into the importance of place lately, and yet homes, rooms, yards, seashores, landscapes, streetscapes, chapels, pathways, city parks, and even cemeteries are suddenly fascinating. Connie reminded me that my new house (new to us anyway) has its own soulfulness and will be the site of many gatherings. In fact, it already has been. Last week the New Horizons Book Club met there to discuss Pride and Prejudice, and although we got off the subject a time or two as we visualized the silver screen version of Mr. Darcy, it was a great meeting.

A motley mix of bibliophiles, we range in age, occupation, lifestyle, and personality, and each reader adds that certain something to the discussion. Last week I couldn’t help but notice the contrast between the youthful enthusiasm of the younger gals with the more serious, subdued demeanor of the more “mature” members. Crystal kept us in stitches while Cindy hardly said a word. Long story short, that living room will never be the same again after the spirited crowd that night.